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We pride ourselves in never using styrofoam and finding value-aligned partners dedicated to developing better solutions for people and the planet. Working with Cruz Foam allows us to maintain that commitment while ensuring optimal product temperature and quality and delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Alan Lovewell

Founder & CEO, Real Good Fish

Atlantic Packaging and Cruz Foam share the unique position of having the resources, ability, and underlying passion to drive the change that needs to occur to help fight the plastic waste crisis, and together, we will be able to make a lasting impact.

Wes Carter

Founder, A New Earth Project & President of Atlantic Packaging

Whether our customer is down the street or across the country, the innovative and high-quality containers from Cruz Foam give us complete peace of mind on the safety of our food products and the fact that they are sustainably manufactured with a true love for the environment sets Cruz Foam far apart from other companies.

Baker Carroll

Head of RTD, Verve Coffee

Cruz Cool
Cruz Cool™

Cruz Foam introduces a leading sustainable compostable, insulated, cold chain shipper to safely ship your perishable goods door-to-door using Cruz Foam.

Cruz Cush
Cruz Cush™

A high-performance protective product with a “block & brace”-style format for the shipping of impact-sensitive goods.

Eco Vino™

A groundbreaking shipping solution designed to transform the wine industry. Crafted from compostable Cruz Foam and recyclable corrugated cardboard, EcoVino™ delivers numerous advantages to environmentally conscious wineries.

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Cruz Foam Products


Inspired by the natural world

Cruz Foam Products
Breakthrough products backed by science.
Learn a bit more about the efforts made behind the scenes to create the magical material of Cruz Foam.
Drop test results for laser printer show reduced g-force impact comparing equivalent density Expanded Polyethylene Foam to Cruz Foam.
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