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Packaging for Cruz Foam products


Cruz Foam products


Cruz Foam products



Deep and diverse, our material sourcing is an incredibly thorough exercise, ensuring that only natural ingredients and complimentary bio-polymers enter into our material supply chain.

Our incredible team of PHD scientists and bio-engineering industry leaders have dedicated their professional lives to the advancement of sustainable engineering, parleyed into Cruz Foam.

To ensure a frictionless transition across the industry, we have developed a supply chain which accommodates current manufacturing processes. This includes the all so necessary pellet / granule.

Designed around pre-existing manufacturing centers, our granules are engineered to drop-in-place. Using our proprietary die design and Cruz Foam formulation, your facility can transition to sustainable Cruz Foam with ease.

Comparative to the properties of EPE, our foam can fall in line with the current manufacturing lines, being stacked, cured, glued, hot-wire cut, etc. We intend for zero barriers to processing our foam.

What makes us work?

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Cruz Foam


is everywhere

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uniquely bioengineered foam solutions designed specifically to disappear 

Cruz Foam products

Product Features

Cruz Foam product features

Frictionless Transition

Scalable solutions to minimize transition pains 

Foam extruder from Cruz Foam
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