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We’ve put the science into practice with Cruz Foam.
See how the science of sustainability has been developed into our line of compostable foam products.
Cruz Foam on a beach

Drop-In Manufacturing

Our foam is designed to use pre-existing manufacturing equipment, minimizing transition pains for your sustainable foam supply.



Nature has an incredible story to tell...

so we listened.

Change is possible when we work together to make circular materials the norm. As a customer with a choice, you can be the catalyst for change.

Backed by Science
Upcycled Ingredients

70% of our ingredients come from upcycled food waste

Compostability Testing

ASTM D6400 - Passed
ASSTM D5338 - Passed

Food Contact Safety

FDA - Compliant

Cruz Cush
How Cruz Foam is Made

Learn a bit more about the efforts made behind the scenes to create the magical material of Cruz Foam.

Granulating icon

By carefully controlling granule size and texture, we create a uniform base ready for the next stage of transformation.

Beaker icon

This process is key to performance, allowing us to tailor properties to meet specific packaging needs.

Sustainability icon

Cruz Foam products are designed to return to the earth safely and efficiently after use.

Sourcing icon

Deep and diverse, our thorough material sourcing ensures only BPI and TUV certified ingredients and complimentary bio-polymers enter our materials supply chain.

Microscope icon
Process Engineering

We've developed a proprietary method that transforms natural materials into high-performance, compostable foam.

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