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Cruz Wrap™

Cruz Foam introduces the world-first curbside recyclable, compostable foam wrap packaging. Specifically designed to protect and insulate around wine and spirit bottles, it’s changed the game for eco-friendly shipping of temperature-sensitive bottled items.

Key Industries

Void Fill


Cold Chain

Wine / Spirits


12.5" X 15" wrap with perforation, sold on a roll of specialized crimps for easy wrapping of standard 750ml bottles. Attractive aesthetic for gifting and presentation Customizable one color printing.


Transporting wine, liquor, or olive oil using sustainable, circular packaging has never been easier. Cruz Wrap’s innovative design delivers protection and thermal insulation in a sleek, sophisticated design. Made up of a thin layer of 100% compostable Cruz Foam surrounded by recyclable kraft paper, it’s functional and affordable as a long-term solution for your brand. Design your own custom labeling, taking your bottle packaging to new heights.

sold on a roll

Cruz Wrap

panel dimensions


Curbside recyclable containing compostable Cruz Foam Inside™ protection and insulation and a low carbon footprint.

100% curbside recyclable certification in process

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