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cruz pack sustainable foam mailer

Cruz Pack™

Move over polystyrene. Cruz Foam introduces the world’s first curbside, eco-friendly protective mailers. The thermal cushioning protects and insulates your products making it perfect for fragile or temperature-sensitive items. That’s right, completely biodegradable protective mailers are a reality!

cross section of cruz pack foam mailer


Made of 100% compostable Cruz Foam Inside(™) lined with kraft paper, Cruz Pack offers curbside recyclability. Protect your fragile items, give your customers what they want, and reduce your carbon footprint—it’s a win-win!



Thickness 1/8"

Customizable one-color printing

Compostable foam lining

Recyclable kraft paper


The innovative Cruz Foam Inside(™) solution replaces the harmful plastic bubble wrap you might be used to. Customize your own compostable protective mailers without compromising on protection or thermal insulation. Whether you’re transporting fragile gifts, cosmetics, confectionery products, or beverages, your products will be safe and secure.

cruz pack mailer and surf fins
stack of cruz pack sustainable mailers
stack of cruz pack sustainable mailers
New Earth Approved

100% curbside recyclable certification in process

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