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Cruz Cush™

This breakthrough, patented compostable material is the world’s first truly scalable one-for-one replacement for plastic foams. This customizable, high-performance protective packaging boasts a “block & brace” format that protects your products without adding to our landfills. Whether it’s appliance packaging, electronics packaging, or automotive parts, there is a sustainable option for your business.

Key Industries

Void Fill

Impact Protection


Cruz Cush sustainable packaging foam soluton
Cruz foam packaging a solar battery
cruz foam packaging laptop
Cruz Foam packaging fragile items
Cruz foam cross section


A highly customizable solution, giving you the opportunity to design the ultimate brand experience. Cruz Cush’s compostable foam insert can be combined with the cardboard outer boxing making it suitable for curbside recycling - your choice. 


The foam packaging insert is made from Cruz Foam's patented bio benign formula making it both home and industrially compostable. From sourcing to disposal, Cruz Foam exemplifies circularity. With 70% upcycled ingredients, Cruz Cush sets a new bar for sustainability. It has passed ASTM D6400 and D6868 testing and has proven to be an efficient soil fertilizer in ecotoxicity testing. 


The world’s first completely circular, compostable packaging foam insert and cardboard combination that matches the technical, performance, and aesthetics of polystyrene foams. Cruz Cush is cost-competitive, and scalable, providing your company the frictionless option you’ve been looking for to meet your CSR goals and delight your customers.

cruz foam
cruz foam
cruz foam
cruz foam
cruz foam

100% curbside recyclable certification in process

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