Compostable Foam Technical Specifications

A performance snapshot can be seen here of our baseline material. For a more in depth technical conversation, please reach out to our team.

Cruz Foam_TDS_2022_BASELINE TDS_Short.png


Our product is acutely engineered to solve a specific set of problems without onboarding new ones. We provide durable goods protection with natural and scalable materials, that serve our planet even after disposal. We’ve spent incredible energy and time in designing for this need. For this reason, we are our proud to say that our foam can return to soil, fertilize the land, and create clean energy after it has served its initial purpose of safe and reliable goods protection.


We are proud to have passed both ASTMD6400 and ASTMD6868. Our foam exceeds regulatory requirements surrounding the breakdown of materials in an aerobic compost pile.

BioMethane Potential

With responsible material sourcing and intelligent compositional choices, our foam can not only break down in soil, but can actually serve as a fertilizer promoting healthy soil growth or be used for clean energy production.