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The Top 5 Sustainable Companies in Surfing that You Need To Know:

March 17, 2018



Few people on this planet love our oceans as much as surfers do; from the salty spray and beautiful flora and fauna to the hush of the waves and push and pull of the tides, the ocean is where surfers are the happiest. Keeping in line with this ocean adoration, most companies providing gear for surfing are now making conscious efforts in making their products more eco-friendly from the core surfboard body to various components of the board. Check out the following five sustainable companies:


Bloom Foam 

-       BLOOM is the world’s first plant-based performance-driven foam formulated with algae biomass - the renewable feedstock that’s sourced from lakes and ponds at high risk of algal bloom to reduce their dependence on petroleum, a non-renewable resource. Algae’s natural thermoplastic qualities also allow BLOOM to meet, and in some cases exceed performance characteristics of conventional closed-cell flexible foam, resulting in improved tear strength and elongation, greater flexibility, and more. BLOOM foams aims to provide a safer, more sustainable answer to conventional flexible foams, with less environmental impact. By concentrating on solutions that benefit consumers, the environment, and bottom line, the company develop technologies that make it sustainable for companies to do the right thing for customers and the environment, and to preserve the values. In fact, Kelly Slater collaborated with BLOOM Foam through his brand Slater Designs to develop an eco-friendly traction pad. And to quote Kelly himself: “I’m excited to bring a product to market that not only feels better than the pads I’ve used in the past, but actually helps improve the quality of our waterways.”


Entropy Resins 

-       Entropy was founded by two brothers, Rey and Desi Banatao, who are at once surfers and materials scientists. They are convinced their seminatural boards perform as well as traditional ones. Believing that there is no better chemist than Mother Nature, the brothers therefore chose to make materials that balance performance and environmental sustainability. The bio-based epoxy resins allow for strong and durable composites and coatings with a lower environmental impact. Their Super Sap epoxy coating and laminating resins are versatile systems and can be used for a wide range of applications, from fiber-reinforced composites to thin film epoxy coatings. In certifying bio content and the carbon footprint of the composite materials and processes, including complete life cycle assessments, Entropy is now part of a growing trend in eco friendly surfboards and consumers goods worldwide.


Wave Tribe Leash

-       Keeping your board from floating off to get dashed against the rocks is critical for surfers of every level -- which is where the Wave Tribe leash comes in handy. The leash is made from 100 percent recycled urethane, and comes with a one-year guarantee that promises you'll get a replacement if you manage to break it in the first 12 months. The Wave Tribe eco leash also won best new product of the year by the dudes at Outdoor Magazine. What’s more, just because the leashes are made with recycled plastic doesn't mean they are weaker. The recycled plastic is used to make the urethane cord in the production process, the technical components are all made from new molds and the combined result is most excellent.



-       EcoFin has created the first sustainable surfboard fin with recycled waste from Indonesia. Approximately 100 bottle caps go into one set of ecoFins. The EcoFin supply chain includes rubbish from Bali’s beaches. After the pre-sorting, it is sent to the recycling facilities in Java, where the recycled pellets are produced. The material refinement takes place in Australia with the best composite specialists on the continent. Together with professional injection moulders, they transform our magic OceanComposite into the final product. Based on our Ocean Composite, the ecoFin offers ideal stiffness for all small to medium height waves and varied board types. And on top: the ecoFin is lighter than comparable fins on the market!


Earth Technologies

-       This company is a surfboard and paddle factory that combines multiple sustainable, natural, and recycled components to their boards. Earth Technologies operates under 3 Core “E” Principles - Excellency in Craftsmanship, Eco-Sustainability and Education, especially Econ-Sustainability. Because the members of Earth Technologies are all Ocean-Lovers,  they’ve painstakingly tried and perfected performance board building utilizing only the most eco-friendly materials (EPS recycled blanks, bio epoxy resin, wood veneers) and processes (recycling foam blank cut offs, bio epoxy resins, etc.) featuring the renown Earth Technologies board construction. In fact, the surfboards are 100% EPS Waste Recycled. And the blocks of recycled EPS can also be reprocessed into Envirofoam which can be again recycled and reprocessed into a usable blank material over and over again, making it an outstanding blank choice for sustainability in the Surfboard Industry. With their The Switch to Zero project, Earth Technologies wishes  to become the world’s first Zero Waste Surfboard and SUP production facility. In achieving their goal, they are working on incorporating a production waste breakdown system using an industrial shredder, particle reducer, and a vacuum infusion system that will ensure that all of the trash will be upcycled into useable product such as fins and bodysurfing handplanes.


The movement toward a more sustainable surfboard is overdue. Yet, tremendous efforts have been made to help improve this chemically-driven and environmentally-detrimental process, by switching up materials, creating bio-based alternatives, and recycling existing foam. Cruz Foam, as a part of the emerging forces in the industry is also challenging the traditional manufacturing materials in developing the rise and availability of dramatically more sustainable surfboards and inspiring surfers and all individuals to adopt an ocean-friendly lifestyle as our own.



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