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The LVMH Startup House Welcomes 8 Innovative Gems in the Field of Supply Chain and Circularity

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Ian Rogers presents at LVMH startup event

By: Jana Lahound

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The start of the school year has come at the Station F Paris campus to welcome the 9th class of winners of La Maison des Startups, the prestigious acceleration program of the LVMH group. Among the 29 gems selected this year, who will have the privilege of benefiting from tailor-made support and access to the ecosystem of the luxury group's 75 houses, eight young shoots stand out for their involvement in the chain's issues. supply.

Some of these startups are already familiar to Supply Chain Magazine readers. At the top of the list, we find the Nantes startup LivingPackets, which has developed an innovative range of intelligent, connected, and reusable packaging, as previously mentioned. In addition, two other remarkable players have captured our attention: Apollo Plus, specializing in artificial intelligence for sales prediction and quality control, as well as Fabriq, a SaaS platform dedicated to operational excellence, as we have seen. we discussed previously.

The five other startups in this promotion focus more on the circular economy, a major issue. Bioweg stands out for its development of bio-sourced ingredients from the wine and spirits sector, intended to replace micro-plastics and non-degradable polymers present in cosmetic products. Cruz Foam offers a biodegradable cushioning system for shipping packages, thus contributing to the reduction of plastic waste.

Releaf Paper innovates with sustainable packaging made from fallen leaves, providing an eco-friendly solution for product packaging. For its part, Save Your Wardrobe positions itself as a digital platform dedicated to the repair and recycling of clothing, thus promoting sustainability in the fashion industry.

Finally, Woola stands out by offering packaging made from sheep wool scraps, thus offering a natural and environmentally friendly alternative.

This new promotion from La Maison des Startups within the Station F Paris campus illustrates the LVMH group's constant desire to support and support innovation, particularly in the area of ​​the supply chain and the circular economy. These eight promising startups provide innovative solutions to contemporary challenges and actively participate in the transition towards more sustainable and responsible practices. We will follow their journey within this dynamic ecosystem with interest.

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