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Opinions on what’s in the bin

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Written by Leslie Nakajima


Consumer survey results on sustainable packaging preferences

Thank you to everyone who participated in our recent survey on sustainable packaging. We thought you would be interested to know more about what other folks just like you are thinking and feeling about packaging as we enter the biggest waste season of the year where we, in the US, will throw out 25% more waste than usual.

Overwhelmingly, 94% of respondents stated that they prefer products to arrive in environmentally-friendly packaging defined as packaging that is “compostable, recyclable, or reusable.” When asked which sustainable options they prefer, 70% stated that they would choose compostable packaging if available; 54% would choose recyclable packaging if available; and 36% would choose reusable packaging materials that could be utilized at home for another purpose or returned to the vendor for reuse.

Another interesting finding is that 90% of respondents responded that they are “upset” and/or “frustrated” when they receive products packaged in petroleum-based foams, such as Styrofoam, with 25% of respondents stating that they “don’t know how” to dispose of the petroleum-based packaging foam they receive.

Clearly, we have a long way to go in solving the problem of non-sustainable waste but it is a positive thing to see that consumer awareness of this issue is nearly ubiquitous. Together, companies and consumers will be required to participate for true circularity to be realized.

For brands looking to make changes in the materials they use in their supply chain, it is important to understand consumer preferences before making choices on which new sustainable materials are most suitable, and that will be most likely to improve the perception of their brand values.

Over the coming year, we will continue to take new sustainable packaging surveys and share our findings with you. In the meantime, please follow us on social media for a continuing series featuring sustainable tips for home and holiday.

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