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New Uses for Cruz Foam are Sprouting Up!

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Cruz Foam around a plant

Today, Cruz Foam and Re-Nuble, a NYC-based agriculture technology company, announced the development of a new product for the indoor farming industry - ReNu Terra - small “grow media” pods for germination in indoor environments made with a special Cruz Foam formula.

"Re-Nuble products are a fantastic and creative example of an innovative ag-tech product made from Cruz Foam's circular materials. We are excited to partner with Re-Nuble in introducing this indoor growing industry 'first' for more sustainable food production. We believe examples like the Re-Nuble story will inspire many industry leaders to examine how sustainable materials like Cruz Foam can transform their businesses and improve life on our planet," said John Felts, CEO, Cruz Foam.

Currently, one of the “grow media” that dominates the industry is peat. However, despite peatlands storing approximately 30% of the world's soil, when farmed for agriculture needs, peat changes from being a carbon sink, into instead, a greenhouse gas emitter, making it severely environmentally detrimental in the long-run. The demand for sustainable alternatives to peat is high. Read more about the news here.

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