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Mondavi Sisters' Collection Selects Ecovino™ for Sustainable Wine Shipping

Published: Mar. 21, 2024

By: Bay Cities Packaging & Design

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Mondavi and Ecovino

Bay Cities and Cruz Foam chosen to provide the industry’s first fully sustainable wine shipping protection for impact and insulation.

Mondavi Sisters' Collection's commitment to sustainability aligns perfectly with our values, and we're proud to back their mission of producing outstanding wines with a focus on sustainability.”

— Sahar Mehrabzadeh, EVP of Sales at Bay Cities --Mondavi Sisters' Collection, renowned for its commitment to sustainable farming practices and environmental stewardship, will be shipping its wine club deliveries in one-of-a-kind 100 percent sustainable EcoVino™ wine packaging, Mondavi and the manufacturers, Bay Cities® and Cruz Foam™ announced today.

Cognizant of the importance of protecting, preserving, and respectfully utilizing the earth, the Mondavi sisters employ the most effective sustainable farming practices. "The essence of crafting all wine starts with the soil and land. Without a healthy earth, there is no wine. As farmers of the land, we possess an obligation to employ the most responsible practices possible to be able to continue our legacy for generations to come," said Alycia Mondavi, CEO and Co-Proprietress of Mondavi Sisters’ Collection. "This is why we are thrilled to partner with Bay Cities and Cruz Foam on their EcoVino wine shipping solutions, a collaboration that will make our operations that much more sustainable."

Mondavi Sisters' Collection is owned and operated by Angelina, Alycia, Riana, and Giovanna Mondavi, granddaughters of Napa Valley winemaking pioneer Peter Mondavi Sr.

EcoVino, a partnership between Bay Cities, a leading designer and manufacturer of sustainable retail packaging and displays, and Cruz Foam, recently named one of Fast Company’s 2024 World’s Most Innovative Companies, provides an innovative solution crafted from certified biodegradable, certified compostable foam, and recyclable corrugated cardboard. The foam is bioengineered using 70 percent upcycled food industry waste and recycled corrugate, ensuring a structurally sound design that elevates the unboxing experience. Additionally, EcoVino's packaging contributes significantly to the reduction of landfill waste, with its efficient, lightweight, and compact design also reducing freight costs.

Notably, EcoVino's insulated temperature control feature makes it ideal for ensuring wine quality during the summer months. Certified for home composting and soon to be certified for landfill composting, EcoVino aligns seamlessly with the Mondavi Sisters' commitment to sustainability.

“We're delighted to announce the addition of the Mondavi Sisters' Collection to our EcoVino family," said Sahar Mehrabzadeh, EVP of Sales at Bay Cities. "Their commitment to sustainability aligns perfectly with our values, and we're proud to back their mission of producing outstanding wines with a focus on environmental stewardship.”

“We are thrilled for the Mondavi Sisters' Collection to be joining us in bringing fully sustainable wine shipping solutions into the wine industry,” said John Felts, CEO and Co-Founder of Cruz Foam. “Their deep commitment to sustainability is underscored by seeing their mission through to the customer delivery supply chain.”

As Mondavi Sisters' Collection embarks on this partnership with EcoVino, they reaffirm their commitment to excellence in winemaking and sustainability, ensuring that every aspect of their operation reflects their deep respect for the land and dedication to preserving it for future generations.

About EcoVino™:

EcoVino™ is a one-of-a-kind sustainable wine shipping product line produced by Bay Cities®, a leading designer and manufacturer of sustainable retail packaging and displays.

In collaboration with Cruz Foam™, the TIME award-winning circular materials company, EcoVino is revolutionizing the industry by providing an earth-friendly solution crafted from 100 per cent recyclable corrugate, made with up to 99 per cent post-consumer waste, and certified biodegradable and compostable foam, bioengineered using 70 per cent upcycled food industry waste.

In EcoVino, Bay Cities has created a budget-friendly, sustainable, ISTA-tested product line. EcoVino is available in various shipping quantity configurations and styles. Learn more by visiting

About Mondavi Sisters' Collection:

Starting at the curious and energetic age of 10, each sister- Angelina, Alycia, Riana and Giovanna- spent their summers learning the family business from the ground up. Their grandparents wanted to not only share their passion for wine but to additionally generate strong values and inspire the sisters to understand that their work was a true labor of love. Knowing exactly how to accomplish this, the girls were put to work in the cellar and lab rather than the tasting room. Summer days consisted of odd jobs throughout the winery including schlepping hoses, cleaning tanks, soaking bottles, pulling samples and running analyses. A family tradition of summer winery jobs alongside their grandfather and father led each of the sisters to begin their own romance with the wine industry and subsequently each fell in love with their heritage simultaneously.

With a desire to honor and pay respect to the generations before them, the sisters launched Dark Matter Wines in 2005, which was followed by the purchase of Aloft in 2017. Both labels focus on elements lending to the homage of the Mondavi Family, however have been reinvented in a presence that speaks to the sisters' personalities and mission for years to come.

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