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Foodbytes & Cruz Foam

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Written by Leslie Nakajima

Foodbytes & Cruz Foam

Rabobank’s Program Mentors Innovators in Food Technology

November was a very busy month here at Cruz Foam! We had the pleasure of participating in the prestigious Rabobank Foodbytes mentorship program which provides an incredible opportunity to network with other startups targeting sustainability in the food tech space, as well as consumer packaged goods (CPG) and agricultural technology startups. The group also gathers expert advisors and mentors who provide invaluable feedback and coaching to participating teams. We have already made many new connections with potential partners and investors from around the world through the program and look forward to a long and continuing relationship through the alumni program. The externally visible product of our mentorship week was our company pitch video which you can view below where we were very proud to be a finalist. Thank you again to Rabobank and the entire Foodbytes team!

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