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Embracing Insetting Over Carbon Offsets

In Europe and California, regulations are pushing companies to prioritize insetting over carbon offsets. The EU's Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive mandates disclosure of scope 3 emissions originating from supply chains and product usage. This shift means companies are incentivized to work with suppliers to enact impactful changes.

Consider a company that previously relied on purchasing carbon offsets to mitigate its greenhouse gas emissions. Instead of solely investing in offset projects like tree planting in remote locations, the company decides to focus on insetting. This means they work closely with their suppliers to implement changes that directly reduce emissions within their supply chain. For instance, they might collaborate with suppliers to optimize transportation routes, improve energy efficiency in manufacturing processes, or switch to renewable energy sources. This approach addresses emissions more effectively, strengthens relationships with suppliers, and aligns with broader business goals.

At Cruz Foam, we have worked tirelessly to develop a material and technology platform that can be deployed at scale quickly, effectively, and efficiently to help with insetting and Scope 3 Environmental Sustainability Goals. #cruzfoam #follownature

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