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Cruz Foam CEO attends the UN Ocean Conference in Lisbon

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

This past week, Cruz Foam co-founder and CEO, John Felts was invited to attend the UN Oceans Conference in Lisbon, Portugal. This year’s conference was focused on addressing many of the deep-rooted problems in societies which require change and finding much needed, science-based solutions aimed at starting a new chapter of global ocean action.

As part of the event, John presented at “Blueprint for the Future: Good Food for All,” a dinner highlighting fully-traceable, responsible blue foods supply chains to help achieve the UN Global Compact Tipping Point for Healthy and Productive Oceans. As part of the presentation, John shared a prototype seafood shipping container made entirely of compostable Cruz Foam as well as decorative “fish” made of the same material.

John also joined the UN Ocean Conference Youth and Innovation Forum, in part supported by our friends at the Sustainable Ocean Alliance, where he presented and spent mentoring time with many of the young students, activists, and entrepreneurs in attendance. These events are great opportunities for shared learning and sparking new ideas and relationships that foster a brighter future.

Along with government representatives, NGOs, and dignitaries, the UN Ocean Conference attracted many environmentalists including Jason Mamoa who is well known for his philanthropic and activist work on behalf of the ocean and environment. He was named an official advocate for Life Below Water at this year’s event.

The event hopes to bring a greater level of awareness to the many aspects of marine conservation and how everyday actions such as the seafood we choose, tracing its sourcing, and shipping has an impact on the environment and ways that we can work together to improve the outcomes.


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