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Caroline DeLoach, Sustainability Director of Atlantic Packaging weighs in on circularity at Coast Summit panel

In November, Caroline DeLoach, the Sustainability Director of Atlantic Packaging - the largest privately held industrial packaging solutions company in North America, joined our CEO, John Felts on the "Shutting Off the Tap" panel at the Coast Summit, where she discussed the Plastic Pollution Reduction and Producer Responsibility Act, also known as California's SB 54.

The bill requires the formation of a Producer Responsibly Organization (PRO) that will be responsible for delivering on targets for waste reduction and higher recycling rates, with oversight from CalRecycle.

The gist is this: anyone selling goods in California will have to join the PRO, which will determine future fee structures for packaging materials.

These eco-modulated fee structures won't be announced for some time, but the Panel asked Caroline how she'd prioritize things if she was in charge, with circularity in mind.

Her response was unmatched.🌱

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