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Nature is a science. Nature is a system. It has a philosophy, architecture, and engineering. And when we work within it. We can do anything. It’s limitless. Abundant. And rich. We can heal the planet. By returning back to it. Creating human systems based on natural systems. Solving our biggest problems with solutions that already exist. Nature has a way to do everything. And all we have to do is follow it. Follow Nature.


Our founders John and Marco met while working on a Materials Science project at the University of Washington. While exploring the bioengineering applications of chitin, a material made from crustacean shells, they identified an opportunity to make a petroleum-free material to replace plastic foam in surfboards.


They then discovered that their product could have a greater impact beyond surfing; their new regenerative materials could be used to protect everything from appliances to electronics and homeware. In 2017, Cruz Foam launched in Santa Cruz, California.


Today, our packaging is made using a range of natural by-products that would otherwise be unused. Our ambition is to create the same durable, sustainable packaging that we make now, close to where it is needed to further reduce our footprint. The Earth has the answers - we just need to find them.


Discover the tech behind our regenerative, earth-digestible materials.

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